Egypt International Exhibition Center

Cairo, Egypt | 19 - 21 February 2024 EGYPES aim to shape the future energy agenda, fostering sustainable production and climate-conscious practices. Through strategic dialogue, the focus is on advocating for a new global energy system that reduces reliance on singular sources and supports global supply and demand cycles.

Business & Exploration Opportunities Show

London, United Kingdom | 26 - 27 March 2024 Two-day event merging APPEX and PROSPEX, addressing industry transitions and showcasing exploration opportunities. Key players include oil majors, NOCs, independents, governments, and financial firms, facilitating networking and new business ventures.


Houston, Texas, USA | 06 - 09 May 2024 Since 1969, OTC has served as a central hub convening the best and brightest minds in the world to share ideas, and innovations and discuss, debate, and build consensus around the most pressing topics facing the offshore energy sector.

3rd International Oil Shale Conference

Salt, Jordan | 07 - 09 May 2024 3rd International Oil Shale Conference will review oil shale technologies' developments and updates, providing a platform for global researchers. International focus will be on ongoing Jordanian oil shale projects. Featuring plenary lectures by experts, the event facilitates interaction among researchers, industry professionals, and decision-makers over three days.